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Paintings by Goldmann Painters

Most people who have ever been to the city of Ottawa have probably also been to Goldmann Painters Ottawa. This type of business in Ottawa started in the mid 19th century and has become one of the best-known and most respected names in the painting business here in Canada. The Goldmann Painters of Ottawa is known for creating high-quality paintings that are also very striking. Many of the painters at this location have received awards from the Citizen of the Year and various other organizations and institutions. The main office is still located on Rideau Street, although other branches have been established in other areas of the city such as Orleans, Strathcona, Summerland, and Prince George’s County. The other branches include the following:

Painters in Ottawa Can Enhance the Look of Your House

Goldmann Painters Ottawa is one of the oldest and also one of the largest companies that do their work in Ottawa. They have various locations in the city where they do most of their work including the main office, their studios, and their workshops. This company also has a number of dealers that they deal with and this is where people who order the painting work get their paintings done. Many of the dealers are from other countries and they bring their paints and brushes with them to make the deliveries.

Most of the painters in this industry began their career doing their work in Paris and then they transferred over to Canada when the trade deficit opened up. The current generation of painters in the city now specializes in portrait painting and other types of fine artwork. Although it is hard to imagine, the Goldmann Painters Ottawa has achieved almost cult-like status among the painting enthusiasts of this city.