Skills For Jobs

Skills for Jobs is a comprehensive program that helps build a country s economy through the employment of needed skills. Skilled workers need jobs. They have skills. Providing them with the opportunities to acquire the skills they need for jobs.

Tailored for Today’s Economy

Skills for Jobs is a program that has five important areas to work on. Providing the needed technical and specialized skills the country needs. A flexible career course that includes training in the new technologies, providing employers with a “skills package” of skills and knowledge that can be used to address their specific needs, developing and maintaining a network of technical specialists, and providing timely and meaningful technical updates to the workforce. A long-term skills and job search program. The skills and knowledge developed and refined through these programs are also applied in the workplace through training and consultation.

Skills for Jobs is an innovative approach to providing employers with the broad range of soft skills and technical acumen that are required in today’s marketplace. They specialize in training the whole person – including problem-solving, leadership, communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving skills – from the first step of the hiring process to the last. This broad-based approach builds one on one relations with employees as well as with employers. In today s economy, skills for jobs is essential to employers and the success of each individual worker.…