The fidelity bond and the support it will represent for your company

With a fidelity bond, the patrimony of the companies can be protected against possible frauds or illicit conducts that can be committed by one or more employees of the organization and whose responsibility is duly proven.

In order for a company to contract this protection, it is necessary that there is an employment relationship with the person who is seeking to secure it. Said person can be either an employee or a vendor, supplier, commission agent or any other service provider.

By means of a fidelity bond, the repair of the patrimonial damage generated is ensured, providing the assurance that the assets and assets of the company will be protected against any of the following crimes: theft, fraud, abuse of trust and embezzlement.

In addition to the aforementioned, through certain programs that include the fidelity bond, they can also be covered: cyber frauds, industrial secrets, and corporate credit cards.


What support does the fidelity bond represent for a company?

It is auxiliary in the prevention of malicious acts by informing employees that the company has an instrument of financial and legal protection.

It helps in the timely detection of possible fraud or theft within the organization.

It represents an important financial shield in case any employee commits illicit acts, protecting the assets of the company.

To process this type of guarantee, it is necessary to present the documentation requested by the bondholders, as well as to complete the forms provided in the Federal Law of Bonding Institutions. We can support you with the processing of your bail quickly and easily.

If you are the owner of a company and you are interested in protecting your assets, the fidelity bond is the instrument that you need because it generates the financial coverage necessary to guarantee that your assets and assets are not affected in the event that an illegal act is committed by the company. the employees.

Protect the stability and healthy growth of your company with a fidelity bond!