How a tax bond works and what are its main objectives

The main purpose of the fiscal bond is to guarantee compliance with the obligations consisting of the payment of money before a fiscal authority, such as the Tax Administration Service, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, the Mexican Institute of Social Security, or the Institute of the National Fund for Workers’ Housing.

Through a fiscal bond, it can be demonstrated that the guarantor has the ability to pay, while resolving the fiscal situation in which it is involved, thus ensuring that the obligations arising from tax non-conformities or payment agreements are fulfilled as and as established by the authority corresponding to each case.


What kind of obligations can be guaranteed with a fiscal bond?

Tax non-conformity: guarantees to the fiscal authority, the possible taxes, fines, tariff disputes or rights resulting from the guarantee, while a solution to the corresponding administrative process is given.

Payment agreements: guarantees before the tax authorities previously mentioned, the payment of a certain amount of money, derived from the agreement that is celebrated with the guarantee.

In order to process a fiscal bond, it is necessary that the guarantor has the necessary solvency, which will be demonstrated by presenting the documentation and guarantees requested by the surety.

Once the issue is authorized, the corresponding payment is made and the forms requested by the bonding company are filled out.

We can support you with the processing of your tax bond in a simple way and at the best cost. With it, you can demonstrate that you have the ability to pay while resolving the fiscal situation in which you are involved, ensuring compliance with the corresponding obligations.

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